Securing your remote workforce against account takeovers

With a significant percentage of workers having now moved from inside the network perimeter to outside, remote workforce security has unsurprisingly become a hot topic. As a result, there are many articles and blog posts detailing the ...

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Early dip into using Azure Sentinel and Fusion

Microsoft have recently announced their cloud-native SEIM tool with built in AI capabilities with a public preview now available. It certainly feels fresh out of the oven as documentation around the product is still lightweight (but being added to at a rapid rate!) and not a lot of collateral just yet around the mechanics of how one should leverage this tool.

We’ve been busy investigating the Azure Sentinel capabilities since the release and in particular trying to build a view of how one could start adopting it’s use within the business and really start making use of its AI capabilities. Within this blog post we’ll describe some of our findings and provide some insights on how you can start using it for yourself.

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